People Were Always Laughing at Her House, Until They Went Inside


73-year-old grandmother shocks her neighborhood with her INCREDIBLE Tiny House!

When 73-year-old grandmother, Betty Smith, announced to her neighbors that she was going to build a tiny house in her backyard, they couldn’t help but laugh. They called her “crazy” and “delusional”, thinking there was no way a 73-year-old woman could pull off such a feat.

But little did they know, Betty had a secret weapon: a passion for architecture and design that would leave them all in awe.

Betty spent two long years building her tiny house, with her neighbors laughing at her every step of the way. From the inside, she was fuming, but she never let their negativity bring her down. Instead, she used it as an inspiration and she poured her heart and soul into her project.

With every negative comment, she was more determined to prove them wrong. And boy, did she ever! Because in the end, it was finally Betty laughing at her neighbors instead of the other way around.

From the outside, Betty’s tiny house may have looked like a dirty hobbit-like dwelling.  Her neighbors snickered and made jokes behind her back, calling it “the neighborhood dumpster” and whispering to each other about how ridiculous it looked.

They were convinced that nothing good could come out of such an eyesore.

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