A Mysterious Large Object From Outer Space Crashed On A Sheep Farm In Australia 


Could this be proof that aliens exist?

Mick Miners was terrified. He stood frozen in place, eyes wide open, staring at the mysterious, large, dark object that had just crashed down on his property. The black, 9-feet tall spike had smoke trailing off it, as it had just passed through the ozone layer.

This was supposed to be just a regular day like all the others. Now, everything was about to change.

The large, mysterious spike was still quivering from the impact when Mick finally found the courage to come a little closer.

It had first reminded him of a burnt tree, but now that he could take a good look at it, he was sure that it was something more advanced. It looked like a piece of farm equipment, but then a lot more high-tech.

“Pretty frightening, actually”, Mick Miners (48) explained on the phone when news reporters called him about this find. “I was quite surprised, this isn’t something you normally see everyday on a sheep farm.”

Mick explained that he had taken a picture of the object and had sent it to a neighboring farmer, Jock Wallace. He couldn’t have expected the reply he got from his neighbor. It would make things a lot stranger.

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