A photo of a happy adopted dog was all the evidence the police needed


The adoption had unexpected consequences

Dan Tillery and his girlfriend were thrilled when they adopted their dream dog. The two had wanted a dog for a long time and now that they had their own home, the time had finally come. The couple could never have foreseen what was to come…

The rescue

A two-year-old stray dog ​​was found on the streets of Detroit, Michigan. The dog was plucked off the street by Detroit Animal Control. The four-legged friend was then taken care of by Detroit Dog Rescue.

Because the bus from the shelter was full, the dog could no longer come along. That was something Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue, couldn’t bear to let happen. After seeing the sad look in the dog’s eyes, she decided to put the dog in her own car.

Pitbull adoptie

Sir Wiggleton

The shelter never expected that such a sad dog would go on to have such an impact. The dog was soon given the name Sir Wiggleton. This is because they discovered peculiar characteristics.

The dog had grown from sad to extremely happy in no time. Sir Wiggleton mainly showed his joy by shaking his body very wildly. According to the shelter, it looked a bit like dancing.

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