20 People With Unique Genetic Traits That Are Hard to Forget


This is what winning the genetic lottery looks like!

Every person is unique. Isn’t that great? It’s the reason why things like fingerprints, our eyes, and in the case of FaceID: our face, can be used to identify us. No matter how much you dress like someone, you will always look different. But in this varied gene pool, there are some people that have been blessed by the genetic lottery with extremely unique features.

Today, we’ll show you some incredibly unique genetic traits that you haven’t seen before. These individuals are truly special.

The bluest eyes in the world

The woman in the picture above is called Jalicia Nightingale. This model from Barbados looks extremely remarkable, with her dark skin and icy blue eyes. This combination has produced one of the most beautiful faces in the world. The model has mentioned that, in the past, she was bullied for her appearance, but has since learned to embrace it and love herself. She now makes a living with her unique look.

A thumb from each parent

Although nobody looks exactly like their parents, most of us resemble them in some way or another. This man has inherited something very strange, though. He has inherited a thumb from each of his parents. His left and right thumb look different in size and shape and resemble those of his parents, which can be seen to the left and right of his own, in the picture above.

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