The Most Embarrassing Bloopers in Movie History


From The Lion King to Titanic: there are flaws in every movie

Movies take us into a fantasy world. Whether this is a romantic love story, science fiction or an exciting horror film. Once on the big screen, everything runs smoothly. However, during filming, of course, not everything works out in one take. The result? A lot of hilarious bloopers. Prepare your laughing muscles, because we list the funniest bloopers in film history.

When we watch movies, we often pause them to take a closer look or share something funny or interesting with our friends. It turns out that pausing movies isn’t as rare as we might think. Many people are now admitting the moments when they had to stop and take a closer look, whether they feel proud or a little embarrassed about it.

On the next pages we show you a lot of paused movie scenes who people are a shamed to admit they paused them!

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