Landlord gets revenge: here’s how he got the last laugh after renters ruined his apartment


This landlord decided to not let it slide

Renting an apartment has quite a few advantages. You’re not responsible for covering major repairs and don’t have the same financial risks as the owners. However, there are quite a few rules and regulations you have to follow as a renter. Such as: some landlords don’t allow you to have pets and there’s usually restrictions on how much you can actually change in the house. It makes sense of course; the owners often completely renovate the places to be able to get the most money out of happy renters. But what happens when someone moves into your place and does awful things to it?

That’s exactly what happened to the landlord in this story. This time he couldn’t let it go because he didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of having walked all over him. The disrespectful renters got what was coming for them when this landlord decided to get the ultimate revenge.

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