Jaw-Dropping Background Disasters You Have To See To Believe


They Posted These Pics Without Checking The Background First – And Deeply Regretted It Later! 31 Viral Fails You Have To See!

We’ve all done it – you take a nice photo of yourself or your friends and quickly post it online, not realizing what’s happening behind you. While background fails can be hilarious, they can also be downright embarrassing if you don’t notice them before sharing the pic with the world.

From nudity to messiness and everything in between, awkward backgrounds have a way of making themselves the focus of otherwise great photos. No one is immune – even celebrities have been caught with some cringe-worthy backdrops in their social media posts.

In this article, we’ve rounded up 31 of the most shocking times people completely missed the background before posting a picture. Some of these photos went massively viral for their hilarious or bizarre backgrounds, while others quickly got deleted once the mistake was realized. Either way, they provide a good reminder to always check what’s behind you before snapping that selfie or group shot. From nude strangers to violent brawls and more, these backgrounds range from funny to mortifying. Think your background fails were bad? Wait until you see this list!

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