The Surprising Latest Twist In The ‘Human Barbie’ Story


 Every little girl that played with dolls eventually grows up, but even as a woman, they still remember getting their first Barbie. Those beautiful dolls with perfect faces and feminine figures, unfortunately, created an unrealistic standard for many females regarding their physical appearance today.

It’s also hard for a young girl to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. For most of us, the world seems so large, with many passions and lifestyles to choose from. With any luck, 30-year-old Valeria Lukyanova believes she may have finally found the one thing that works for her – though it’s not what anyone else expected…

Valeria was born in 1985, to parents Valery and Irina Lukyanova. Valeria had big, doll-like eyes and everyone marveled at her beauty

Valeria was born in Moldovian USSR which used to be a part of the Soviet Union in 1985. At 32 years old, Valeria has made quite a splash in the international media.

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