Woman Takes Her Obsession With Giraffes To A Whole New Level


As children, most of us aspired to become something completely unrealistic. But whether you dreamed of saving the day as a superhero or ruling over a kingdom as a princess, it’s safe to say you probably gave those aspirations up a long time ago. Then again, what if you didn’t? And what if, instead of a hero or royalty, you wanted to become… a giraffe?

That was the dream of one Los Angeles woman, who, after years of admiring the long-necked mammals, took her obsession one step further. After seeing the lengths this woman went to in order to become one with the giraffe, you’ll never take your neck for granted again…

From an early age, Sydney Smith wasn’t shy about showing off her long neck. She took pride in her appearance, and from middle school onward, her unique fascination would go on to earn her the nickname “giraffe girl.”

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