Scientists Struggle To Explain The Massive Creature That Washed Up On A Popular Beach


Walking along the beach, it’s not uncommon to come across some bits of mystery that have been washed ashore. Often times, you’ll find a unique seashell or a cool piece of sea glass that makes for a special keepsake.

Sometimes, though, you find something that bewilders even experts in the field. On the sunny shores of Santa Barbara, California, scientists found a massive creature that might just change everything they knew about what lurks in the ocean’s murky depths.

The Scientist Magazine 

The amount of astonishing animal life that lives on land is mind-boggling to try to comprehend, but when you realize there’s even more species living in our oceans, it’s almost too much to wrap your head around.

From the everyday sea creatures like crabs or tuna to way more bizarre, like this translucent fish, scientists still have so much to discover about the deep blue sea. But, the ocean certainly isn’t for everyone.

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