He Started Digging In His Backyard And Made The Discovery Of A Lifetime


When you buy a house, you don’t always have a whole lot of time to poke around every nook and cranny before you move in. That’s why you can often find unwelcome surprises left behind by the previous owners. Sometimes, however, those surprises can turn out to give your new home even more value. And that’s exactly what happened to this man when he stumbled on an amazing structure hiding underground in his backyard.


X marks the spot
After discovering and looking at the original plans for his house, this man — who documented the discovery journey on Imgur under the name “Captantarctica” — found that he could have something peculiar in his backyard. He was excited to see what it was about. To find out what it was, he hired a metal detectorist to search through his yard. The expert marked two Xs for likely spots precisely where this strange surprise might be located.

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