These are the 33 most absurd tattoo fails of all time


This list makes you think twice before getting a tattoo, because what these people did will haunt them for the rest of their life…

You either love them or you hate them, but nowadays almost half of the world’s population has them: tattoos. Where it used to be not done and bad for your career, is it nowadays more and more accepted in society. Even though we see them more often and we don’t judge people anymore based on whether they have tattoos or not, there are times when we question if it was a good idea to make these lifelong decisions. Because putting your faith in the hands of a tattoo artist is a risky move, and you can’t always be sure to get the result you were hoping for. Some people even choose to get a terrible tattoo that raises a lot of eyebrows. We don’t know why and we feel really bad for them but it also makes us laugh (a lot!).

What these people did to their bodies is so crazy, we couldn’t help but share it with you. Here’s a list of the 33 most absurd tattoos people got, and we can guarantee you that they will leave you speechless. After seeing these pictures next time you will think twice before getting a tattoo, because you don’t want to end up like the woman in picture 27. 

Nice logo man

There are three kinds of people. Most of them would rather hide their insecurities so no one will notice, there are these kinds of people who accept their flaws and are proud of them, and then there is this rare category of people who will just make fun of their insecurities. This guy belongs to the last group of people. With this funny lookalike tattoo of the Jordan logo, he replaced the ball in the logo for the pimple on the back of his head. We have to give it to him, it looks pretty realistic to us. Nice job man! 

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Watch out for this guy!

Oh no… That was the first thought that came into our mind when we saw this tattoo. Like, what have you done?! We hope instead of real ink, this is some kind of green and black marker instead, but we assume the worst. This guy’s tattoo is so scary and crazy, for a minute we were lost for words. If you look fast you will probably think a crazy guy is looking at you, but then when you look closer you will realize it’s a tattoo. This guy just shaved his whole head, except for two little bushes of hair that should represent eyebrows and some kind of hairy bush that is supposed to be the mustache. The rest of the head is tattooed like some sort of crazy guy’s face. They even tattooed the wrinkles and all. 

This must have been a joke right? This guy probably lost some sort of bet where he had to do this if he lost. We can not and we will not believe someone would do this voluntarily. Although, there is one small benefit of this tattoo idea. This guy can now forever threaten people that he knows everything because he has eyes in the  back of his head.

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