This street musician was ignored by everybody, but then a little girl changed everything


It only took 1 coin to change everything

How many times have you walked past a street musician without paying him any attention? This particular street musician was ignored by practically everyone when he started playing on this city square.

But when a little girl decided to give him some money, he shocked everyone.

The musician

This musician didn’t look like your average street musician. He was wearing a full tuxedo and held a shiny, brand-new looking string instrument in his hands.

People were confused by what this guy was doing on the city square, as they were used to musicians who looked a lot rougher.


This city square in Spain was infamous for the many beggars and street musicians that would crowd it on a sunny day. The square was quite the tourist hotspot and people with little means tried to take advantage of that.

Just a month before this video came out, a fight broke out between two street musicians on this very square.

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