Strange and Rare Plants From Around The Globe


1. Corpse flower

The corpse flower (rafflesia arnoldii) is a kind of flowering plant that produces the largest flower on earth. Its morbid name comes from its smell, which is reminiscent of the strong and unpleasant odor of decaying flesh. The flower is native to the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo.

Below you’ll find one of the rarest plants in the world.



2. Wood’s cycad

Wood’s cycad (encephalartos woodii) is one of the rarest plants in the world. It was first discovered by John Medley Wood in South Africa. As of today, there are no wild specimens around the world. All of the Wood’s cycads that are alive today are clones. Besides that, they are all male plants. No female tree has ever been found, which means that right now there is no chance of it reproducing naturally.

Next you’ll find a large flesh-eating plant.



3. Nepenthes Tenax

The Nepenthes Tenax is one of the rarest flesh eating plants in the world. It’s shaped like a pitcher with a flower on top and grows to a height of 100cm. It is native to northern Queensland in Australia and is part of the endangered pieces of the world. It’s large enough to swallow rats.

Below you’ll find a beautiful giant water lily.



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