Police arrest old man because of a dangerous object in his basement


You’ll never believe what the police found in this old German man’s basement.

Sometimes you come across a story that makes you go “huh?”. This is one of those stories. What this old man was keeping in his basement shocked even the most experienced police agents. This dangerous object was the result of an interesting hobby, leading to the man being sentenced to 14 months in jail.

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Interesting hobby

Old men and their hobbies… It’s best not to bother them when they’re working on their model trains that take up the whole attic, or when they’re concentrating on the 14 types of birds that fly around the region in their binoculars.

Unlike these innocent activities, an old man from Germany had a very interesting hobby that kept him busy. This led to him receiving a 14-month jail sentence. While the odd hobby made headlines, the man’s identity was not revealed. This is due to the privacy laws in Germany.

Curious about his hobby? You’ll read it down below!


The 84-year-old German was a collector. As you surely known, even the strangest objects can be collected. Stamps, beer bottles, dolls, toothbrushes: think of the weirdest object you can, and it’s guaranteed that someone collects it. But this hobby still has limits. This collector found that out the hard way.

He got locked up because of a very dangerous object, one he kept in his basement. While most people would keep some serious distance from the object, this German collector saw it as a nice addition to his collection. It was a pricy mistake.

Curious to find out what the man collected? Read on now!

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