Your fingers can tell you a lot about your personality. What kind of fingers do you have?


This research has some astounding results!

Research is done all the time and most of it goes by unnoticed, but sometimes we come across some results that are too interesting not to share. It can be fun to find out about new facts, although at times you come across things you’d rather not have known. And then there’s the issue that it’s not always completely clear whether the results are accurate.


Luckily, the facts we’ve got for you today are of the fun kind! It turns out that your hand can tell you a lot about your personality. It’s really quite bizarre. This research mostly focuses on your fingers. Read on to figure out what your fingers say about your personality!

The secret lies in your ring finger and index finger. It can say a lot about what kind of person you are. This test only applies to men because the length of these fingers indicates the level of testosterone in men. But don’t worry, after this test we have one that is also fit for women. Now, let’s start. There are three types: A, B and C.

A. The ring finger is longer than the index finger

We’re talking about handsome men here. They’re charming and can get along with everyone. Yet they are a little more aggressive and are quick to take risks. This also means that this type of person often makes more money than their colleagues with a shorter ring finger.

Like we said, the secret lies in your ring finger and index finger. Now look closely. Does the shape of your fingers look like type B or C? 

B. The ring finger is shorter than the index finger

Men with these hands are very confident and can even be a little narcissistic. These people have no trouble being alone often and don’t like to be disturbed. However when it comes to love, they are less confident as they’re not the ones to make the first move and take the initiative.

What do you think, do you recognize yourself or a loved one in one of these categories? No? Well, then you must be type C. 

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