Luxury mobile home worth 1.42 million has built-in garage – The interior is even better!


Wow, now this is what we call traveling in style!

What is your biggest dream in life? Is it to be rich? To have a large family? To be able to sit on your porch, watching the sunset, with your dog next to you? Or is it maybe to leave behind your house and to travel around the world?

((Read until the end for a surprise!))

For a lot of people, this last one is very tempting. And what’s even better, the mobile home we’ll show you today proves that you can travel around the world in style.

Mobile home

This luxury mobile home is outfitted with all the newest gadgets and technology, to make camping life that much more luxurious. Gone are the days of having to compromise on comfort. This isn’t just a mobile home… It’s a mobile mansion.

It even comes with its own garage. But that’s nothing compared to what the interior looks like. Read on to find out!


This mobile home comes with a hefty price tag. It costs 1.42 million euros. For that amount of money, you get a mobile home that is around 12 meters long and weighs around 18 tonnes. It comes with a built-in garage to store your car in and it contains all the newest technology.

Below we’ll show you the built-in garage, before taking you inside and surprising you with the crazy interior.

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