This Woman’s Grandfather Passed Away And You’ll Never Believe The Scary Inheritance She Got


The death of her grandfather changed her life forever – It was the worst day of her life

Someone passing away is always considered a very tragic and sad event. The logistics that come with planning a funeral can be exhausting and a lot to take on for the bereaved. Especially when family members don’t see eye to eye on the kind of farewell they want to give their loved ones. Or if the will of the deceased reveals some dark family secrets. 

For Nancy, a young woman with a loving heart, the passing of her grandfather was the worst thing that could ever have happened to her. Or so she thought. She never would have guessed that the passing of her beloved papa was only the beginning of the worst day of her life.

Best friends

He was the perfect grandfather: an old, wrinkly man with gray hair and a gray beard. His deep voice rang through the halls of the large house he used to live in with Bertha, Nancy’s grandmother. Nancy loved him and he loved her. After her grandmother died, Nancy spent all the time she had after school, hanging out with grandpa Tuck. That’s what she would call him because he always wanted to tuck her in at night. They’d bake cookies, play in the garden, go out on special trips. 

They were the best of friends and they still would have been if what was about to happen could have been avoided. If only Nancy knew before.


Growing up, Nancy wasn’t an only child. She had two brothers; Kevin and Mickey. But none of them were as close to their grandfather as she was. Nancy was grandpa’s special girl and it stayed that way well into her adult years. He was there to watch sad movies together when she got dumped by her first boyfriend and he was there at her graduation, sitting in the front row. Nancy’s mother was a hard-working single woman and their family did not have a lot of money to spend so her grandfather was the father she never had but always needed. 

All to the dismay of her older brother Kevin. He never liked the relationship that Nancy shared with grandpa Tuck. Grandpa tried to involve the boys in the games he and Nancy played but Mickey and Kevin never really got as close to grandfather as they wanted. Especially Kevin felt like he was missing out on precious grandfather-grandson bonding time. He was jealous.

But Nancy never expected his jealousy to lead to what happened next.

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