Homeless man finds wallet – when he sees what’s inside he immediately calls the police


The life of this man was about to change

Homelessness is a huge problem all around the world. In every big city, you will see people down on their luck, sleeping on the sidewalks and begging for cash.

They are ignored by most people, but sometimes an individual sees it upon himself to change the life of someone who’s less fortunate. Today we’ll tell you the story of Chester Gibson and a wallet he found on the street.

((Read this until the end!))

Chester Gibson has had it rough. Ten years ago, his brother scammed him out of all of his money. His landlord evicted him and since then, Chester has been living on the streets. He has to beg to get by, which requires a bit of luck.

One day, his luck completely turned when he found a wallet on the sidewalk. But when he saw what was inside, he immediately called the police.

But how did Chester get into this situation in the first place?

It had been a regular morning. Chester had woken up on the porch of a department store, which sheltered him from the rain.

Unfortunately for him, in order to have enough money for breakfast, he now had to beg by the side of the road… In the rain.

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