Dying grandpa teaches selfish granddaughter, who refused to take care of him, a lesson


When the 87 year old Charles got sick, his granddaughter didn’t want to take care of him – when he died, he made sure that his absence was known…

Charles had always been a man with a kind heart. All his life, he was generous to all the people in his life, especially to his granddaughter Olivia. So when he got sick he was deeply disappointed to find out that she didn’t want to take care of him. Sadly she was the only person left in his life and there was no one else who could take care of him. So when she refused, he knew that his future wouldn’t look bright and his days were numbered. 

Charles was shocked to find out her true colors and knew that she had taken advantage of him whenever she could. Now his granddaughter Olivia simply didn’t care about him anymore. Charles didn’t want to spend his last days feeling sad about it, so he decided to teach her a lesson, Olivia would only find out after he died…

The inheritance

When Charles passed away, Olivia didn’t know what to expect. She had been so distant from her grandfather in the years leading up to his death that she wasn’t sure what he would have left for her. Olivia just knew that she needed to meet with the notary to discuss the inheritance. She already started seeing dollar signs and couldn’t wait to find out what she would receive. But when she arrived at the notary’s office, Olivia was in for a surprise.

There was no money. Instead, the notary handed her a handwritten letter from her grandfather Charles. It was a letter that would change her life. As Olivia read the letter, she realized that Charles had spent his final weeks carefully planning a lesson for her.


Unfortunately, Olivia wasn’t lucky enough to have a carefree childhood. She had always been a quiet child, but after her parents passed away in a car accident when she was just four years old, she became even more reserved.

Her widowed grandfather, Charles, did everything in his power to give her a good life and make up for the loss of her parents, but the trauma of the accident had left a deep imprint on the young girl.

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