Couple Sets Up Hidden Camera In Baby’s Room And Are Shocked By What They See


What they saw just didn’t make any sense…

A couple from Belgium noticed that their one-year-old child, Amy, cries a lot when she sleeps with them, but is a lot more quiet when she sleeps in another room with their dog. This lead to them letting Amy sleep in that other room more often. At first glance, this seemed wonderful. They had a lot less restless nights and they trusted their dog with their child, as he was always very caring and loyal.

But it just didn’t make any sense. What was going on in that room? Why was their daughter so quiet? The couple wanted to find out, so they installed a camera in the room, which would record during the night. When they found out what was going on, the mother started crying and her husband had to console her.

Let’s find out what they found on the camera footage! Continue on to the next page to find out more about this unusual story.

The dog

The family’s dog was a wonderful, loyal and caring dog. He had gotten used to the presence of their newest family member pretty quickly, and he showed great affection towards the child.

If anybody claims dogs can’t feel empathy, you’ll need to show them this dog. He did some amazing stuff that showed how much he cared for little Amy.


For example, he would treat Amy like a little puppy. He would bring her his favorite toys and would constantly want to play with her.

Whenever her parents took her to the bedroom, he would follow and stay on guard throughout the night. But what was most amazing was that Amy wouldn’t cry when she was sleeping in the same room as the dog.

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