You have to see how these 29 famous celebrities celebrate Christmas: you won’t believe your eyes!


Their crazy holiday traditions are so weird, it’s funny and mind-blowing at the same time

December is the month of the holidays which feels like a miracle fairytale month. On the first of December, everybody starts to get in the Christmas mood and the air seems to be filled with happiness and joy. The moment the calendar hits the first of December, even the grumpiest old man starts to get all soft and sentimental. There is no limit to all the Christmas preparations within these weeks before Christmas and people can’t start early enough with celebrating and decorating. And if you thought you were crazy, you have to see what some of the most famous celebrities are doing to celebrate Christmas.

After reading this you will never again think you’re too extra for putting Mariah Carey on at the first of December, putting your Christmas tree on at the end of November, decorating your whole house, and spending too much money on Christmas cards. Next time just think about what these crazy things celebrities did and you will immediately feel normal instead. Because these celebrities have a crazy way of celebrating this wonderful holiday and we are pretty convinced it will leave you speechless. Especially number 17 brought up so many questions, we are still choked. If this celebrity is doing this for Christmas, what do they do to celebrate their birthday, valentines day, etc.?

So quickly carry on reading because you don’t want to miss this!

Happy wife, happy life! 

Okay, please give us a husband like Nick Jonas. Because really… Thanks, dude! You have ruined it all for us. Next time we unwrap our christmas presents and we get woolen socks or shower cream (again!) – thanks to this guy – we can’t appreciate it anymore. The Christmas present Nick Jonas gave to his wife Priyanka Chopra in 2019, was priceless! Although, the damn thing cost around 12,000 dollars, so uhh, priceless? Giving your wife a Ski-Doo snowmobile sets the bar high for all the other men in the world. Because wow, we also want to get in the Christmas mood by receiving our own freaking Ski-Doo! 

Okay after reading this, women probably don’t expect a Ski-Doo snowmobile to get in the Christmas spirit but next time they probably would like to get something else than shower cream or a new pair of socks…

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Macy’s or Cardi B’s living room?

We already knew Cardi B can be a little extra sometimes, so we don’t know why we are still surprised. But still, this is crazy right?! In 2020, Cardi B decided to give her house a massive makeover and, instead of going to Macy’s, bring Macy’s to her. She did not bring one, not two, not three, and no not even four enormous Christmas trees to her living room. No, she brought FIVE! 

We think this living room is a dream for Macy’s or any other Christmas shop employee. And we think it’s not even a dream for them but for everyone else. Because who wouldn’t want to have five enormous Christmas trees shining in your living room? The only downside of this is that you have to buy a lot of presents to fill the space underneath all these christmas trees. 

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