Old woman gets trampled while trying to buy a present for her grandson on Black Friday


After you have read this, you never want to go shopping during Black Friday again

The horror story of Black Friday

For many people, Black Friday is a popular day on which customers can save money on some really good deals. Especially in current times, where everything is getting more expensive, it seems like the perfect day to buy your holiday presents. Black Friday takes place on the day after Thanksgiving but many retailers already open up the afternoon of Thanksgiving. On that day big crowds of people are waiting in line outside of the store to find some really good deals. So did Ruth, this kind-hearted woman was determined to buy a present for her grandson on this day. Except for her, this happy day turned into the most horrible day of her life…

Perfect grandparents

With her kind eyes, caring soul and warm heart, Ruth was a perfect grandmother for her grandson. The moment her daughter announced that she got pregnant, Ruth already knew she would fall in love with her grandchild.

And she did. Ruth and her husband spoiled him with their love and attention. Every Wednesday it was grandparents’ day and they threw big sleepovers together where they spoiled their grandson even more. Ruth felt like the happiest woman on earth. Until everything changed.

Her worst nightmare

Her husband always had weak health, but one day it got really bad. Within a few days, Ruth saw him deteriorate until he was too weak to even get out of bed. The only thing he did was sleep and at the insistence of Ruth, eat a little bit. Ruth cherished these little moments she had with him because she knew it could be over very soon. And she was right because the day she feared so much, had arrived. Her husband passed away.

Ruth felt terrible, she felt like someone took away a part of her. She spent her days looking at old pictures of him when he was still there and she felt sick to her stomach. She couldn’t even eat anymore and Ruth started to lose weight fast. The mornings were the hardest because she often caught herself dreaming of him at night. Then when she woke up she would feel bad because reality kicked in and she realized that she was all alone now. She started to feel worse and worse. But then, at the moment she thought she couldn’t live with it anymore, something changed…

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