Pilot Bursts Into Tears After Realizing Why Birds Wouldn’t Leave The Plane Alone


Jason’s head whipped around abruptly after he was jolted by the loud bang that had come from outside. Suspicious, he tried to make sense of the unexpected sound given that their plane had only recently taken off. 

When a cabin crew member rushed into the cockpit, Jason’s heart raced as he continued to contemplate what could possibly be going on.

He glanced hurriedly at his co-pilot, an anxious expression on his face, as an intimidating cloud of birds seemed to be fruitlessly chasing them and pecking continuously at the aircraft. Their persistence was truly astounding.

Jason tried to shoo the birds away, being extra careful as hitting just one of the engines could put them in danger. His heart raced as he maneuvered around the birds, procuring peace on the plane and ensuring their safe flight. He knew it was a matter of life and death – any bird hitting the plane had the potential to bring the whole plane tumbling down.

Unfortunately, he was having no luck, it seemed the harder he tried to get the birds off his plane, the more aggressive they became. He had no idea what was causing them to act so hostile, but it was becoming a major hindrance to his progress and seemed to be the only thing standing in his way. He attempted to resolve the issue but no matter what he did, nothing seemed to stop the birds from attacking with unfaltering aggression.

The passengers aboard the plane were starting to feel a deep sense of dread, not knowing what was causing the sudden drops and turns the aircraft was making unexpectedly. Glancing out of the windows, they saw an unnerving scene- it almost looked as if they had been transported into a Hitchcock movie, with a large flock of birds flooding the sky, making their presence known in a dramatic fashion. Despite being a unique sight, the passengers couldn’t help but feel paranoid about their predicament, unable to determine why their journey had been disturbed so abruptly.

Jason realized that the situation was dire when he mustered the bravery to explain to the passengers that there was no reason to worry. He simply didn’t know what was causing the birds to behave so oddly, or how he could make them stop. Despite his uncertainty, he maintained an air of confidence, working hard to ensure everyone was safe and secure.

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