21 Incredible Woodstock Photos That Make You Feel Like You Were There


Tie-dye shirts

Woodstock ’69 is one of the most famous festivals of all time. It’s known for being hosted right in the middle of the “hippie era”. In the picture above you can see a stand selling tie-dye shirts, which became synonymous with hippie fashion in the late sixties. 

The festival didn’t have official merchandise, so these shirts were the closest they got to festival-specific clothing. Today, you can still find tie-dye shirts in a lot of stores. But it all began back in the sixties.

Flower crown

Another example of hippie fashion: the flower crown. Today, you’ll find people at other festivals like Coachella and Sziget mimicking this trend, which has its roots in the sixties. You couldn’t turn a corner at Woodstock without seeing someone with the iconic headdress. Looking at the picture above takes you straight back to ’69.

You’ll find more incredible Woodstock photos further on this list.

More hippie fashion

This woman is also dressed in true hippie fashion. Back in the late sixties, this was a very popular look. In the following photo’s you’ll see a lot of visitors who look similar to the woman in the picture above. Dressing like this was a real statement of the counterculture. And of course Woodstock was visited en masse by cultural rebels.

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