These tips make cleaning your air fryer a breeze



How convenient!

An air fryer has become the showpiece of the countertop these days. We make a lot of different dishes in the air fryer and we can no longer go without it. To give your device a long life, it is important that you clean it regularly. With these tips you can get even the most stubborn dirt out of your device. This way you can enjoy it for an extra long time!

1. Consult the user manual!

Although there are many cleaning methods that work for every air fryer, every appliance is different. In the manual of your air fryer you will find instructions from the manufacturer for your appliance. Follow these and you will see that most of the dirt disappears like snow in the sun!

On the next page you will find a tip that is useful for all air fryers.

2. Remove the basket after use.

Your air fryer is still very hot after use, so it is not recommended to start cleaning immediately. It’s best to let it cool down. The basket cools down even faster if you remove it from the air fryer after use. You can get started even sooner this way!

And then? We answer that question on the following pages.

3. In the dishwasher?

Can’t you just clean your air fryer in the dishwasher? First, we do not recommend putting the entire appliance in the dishwasher. It is and remains an electrical device. But often the individual parts, such as the basket, are dishwasher safe. You do run the risk of the non-stick coating being affected because the dishwasher uses very hot water. Looking at the life of your air fryer, it is smarter to wash the parts by hand.

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