Crocodile Asks Fisherman For Help – He Starts Crying When He Finds Out Why


When a giant crocodile darted out of the water toward lone fisherman George Anderson, he was sure he’d meet his creator today. But to his surprise, the crocodile did not attack him.

Instead, he seemed to want George to follow him. Did this animal need help with something? The whole scenario was just bizarre. But when George saw where the crocodile was leading him, it immediately became clear to him…

Follow the crocodile

George kept thinking what a stupid decision he’d made following that crocodile deeper and deeper into the swamp. It seemed like every cell in his body said “No, no!” But he kept going.

As he went further and further forward, his thoughts went backward. He should have just run to his car when he had the chance. But of course he couldn’t know how the crocodile would have reacted to that. 

Reach the destination

All of these thoughts drifted to the back of George’s mind when the crocodile suddenly stopped moving and turned in George’s direction. The crocodile looked at him with its bright green eyes, pupils contracted in the midday sun.

George couldn’t believe what he saw. He had followed this crocodile all the way to here, in the middle of the swampy nothingness. His heart stopped. Had this animal lured him into a trap? But then George saw it…

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