These 31 Wild Airport Moments Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


This woman has taken airplane sleeping to new heights – or more accurately, new lows – by slithering her body across a row of seats at the gate. By maneuvering underneath the armrests, she has crafted her own makeshift bed that would make even Goldilocks jealous.

Just look at that satisfied face as she reclines across hard airport seats like they are her own personal sleeper sofa. Her impressive display of flexibility surely shocked onlooking passengers waiting for their flights. But hey, when you need to catch some Zzzs before boarding, desperate times call for desperate napping measures.

While airport furniture isn’t designed for actual sleep, this creative traveler made her own rules and turned those rigid plastic chairs into a kitted out couch perfect for catching a cat nap. Let’s hope no one had to climb over her makeshift oasis to get to their gate! Next time you’re feeling drowsy before a flight, remember this woman’s commitment to comfort and let it inspire your own airport nest.

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