Peeling an egg in 3 seconds? It’s possible with this simple trick!


Peeling an egg

Having trouble peeling eggs? Don’t worry, we do too. There are so many tips available on how to quickly and easily peel your eggs, but none of them are as great as the one we’ve got for you. Some people say that eggs need to be fresh for them to be peeled easily, or shouldn’t be fresh, or you should run them under cold water right after taking them out of the boiling water… There are all kinds of tips, but most of them probably won’t work. Peeling an egg will still be a nightmare. But not with this trick!

The video below explains how you can peel your hard-boiled egg within 3 seconds. All you need is a glass! Watch the video and your egg eating ways will be changed forever!

Source: MicahMedia | Image: video still 


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