This is why you should prick a needle in a banana



Peeling a banana can be much easier when using a needle. The man in the video below will show you how to do it. He pricks a needle through the peel of a banana and he moves it left to right. A few centimetres down he removes this process until he has reached the bottom of the banana. Why? Read more beneath the ad.


He opens the banana and voilà: the whole fruit is cut into pieces! Now you can easily eat the banana piece by piece straight from the peel. No more awkwardness when eating a banana in public! With this trick, you’ll create bite-sized pieces. The man in the video has one more suggestion: prick the needle in the banana without anyone watching. Peel the banana in front of your friends and family to surprise them with pre-sliced pieces of banana. They’ll love this illusion!

You can see the trick with the needle in the video from 1:47 onwards.

Source: How To Make Sushi | Image: Video still How To Make Sushi

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