Unbelievable: This is what happens when you hammer a couple of nails into a lemon!


Camping trip

We love to go camping! It can be such a treat to step out into nature with your family or some friends and just enjoy the peace and quiet together. Spending the night in a tent, getting up as the sun is rising and preparing food on a small camping gas stove. What’s not to love? We’re feeling the urge to pack our tent, grab our car and leave our lives behind for a couple of days right now! We’ve got absolutely nothing against camping grounds, but camping in the wild is the true experience, of course. You have to depend on yourself and your surroundings and you’re completely along with no one around for miles. Scary? No: fun!


After a fun day in nature, everybody’s gotten hungry and it’s time to prepare some food. You’re on the hunt for your camping stove in the trunk of your car and then you realise you’ve left it at home… Or maybe you did bring it, but you find out it’s all out of gas! Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution. This is where the lemon and the nails come in. You’ll be using them to make fire! Yes, it’s true, all you need to make fire is a lemon and a couple of nails. Watch the video down below to find out how this amazing trick works. Enjoy your next camping trip!


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