Wrapping your car keys in aluminium foil? Here’s why you should do it!


car keys

Car keys

This new system with the keyless start system works via a wireless connection. The signal works solely when you are within two meters of your car. It won’t connect otherwise, which seems safe. It isn’t really, though, because smart car thieves have devised a way of hacking into the signal and enhancing it. And as if this isn’t bad enough, they don’t even need difficult or expensive technology to do this. They only need a simple device that can be bought at many stores and doesn’t cost a lot of money.


These thieves use something called a signal enhancer or extender. This device enhances the connection between the car and the key. The condition for this is that you have to be pretty close by for this, but also at a big enough distance that you can’t unlock your car yourself, or notice what’s happening. An example of a situation like this would be that your car keys are somewhere in your home and your car is parked in front of your house. Another example: you’re at the office and your car is out in the parking lot. These are very common situations, but they can lead to car theft! The thief uses the extender to enhance the signal between your car and the keys. That way, the doors will open even when you’re not there.

Aluminium foil

So, how do you fix this rather pressing problem? There are a few handy tricks to block the signal. The easiest and least expensive one is to wrap some aluminium foil around your car keys when you’re not using them. The foil will disrupt the signal and make it impossible for thieves to enhance it. Another option would be to buy a special metal wallet, as this has the same effect. Or why not put your car keys in the freezer when you’re at home? This is another way of blocking the signal. You’ll just need to remember that that’s where you put them, otherwise you’ll be looking for them for a good long while.

Are these solutions not enough to ease your worries about this problem? Go to your car dealer and ask them to block the keyless feature in its entirety. Now you won’t be able to use it, but neither will a car thief.

Source: Margriet | Images: Pexels

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