This is why you should try burying a used tea bag in your garden

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theezakjes tuinieren


If there’s one thing you don’t want in your garden it’s weeds. Well, that’s why a tea bag is a great solution. By burying a used tea bag in the earth, you’ll make it a lot harder for the weeds to grow alongside your healthy plants and flowers.

Germinate seedlings

Seedlings will germinate much easier when you add a tea bag to the soil. The only thing you need is a used tea bag, seeds, a plastic planter and some water. Put the tea bag along the seeds in the soil. The tea bag will shorten the process. Once the seeds have germinated you can move them to a bigger planter or to the garden.


Not only do tea bags work wonders in your flower beds, but coffee grounds are also great for your garden. By sprinkling coffee grounds over your garden you will chase away vermin. Most animals hate the smell of coffee, so you won’t be bothered by mice or cats. 

Source: Natural Ways | Image: Video still YouTube