This is why you should try burying a used tea bag in your garden


theezakjeA used tea bag can do wonders for your garden

A beautiful garden is something most people enjoy, but not everyone has the talent to make it happen. But, if there’s one thing we DO know, it’s how to make a mean cup of tea. We usually throw away our used tea bags, but no longer! Your used tea bag can work wonders in your garden by simply burying it. It sounds strange, but it does work. Are you going to try it out?

A simple tea bag can work wonders in your garden


Have you ever tried to grow some seedlings? Then you know that this can be quite challenging. Not all seeds germinate, even though you have tried so hard. There is a way to give your seedlings a boost and make your garden flourish and it involves a used tea bag. Go on to the next page to read what it does. 

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