Remove weeds? With this trick it won’t take long! Super practical!


Weeds can be destroyed after all!

Those green leaves and bits of moss between your patio tiles can be so annoying. It can really affect the overall look of your patio. Luckily, we have a great tip for removing weeds and moss.

Annoying chore
Removing weeds from between tiles or paving stones is probably one of the most annoying chores around the house. Using a little scraper to remove the weeds is very tedious and can cause back aches.

Nowadays, you can get special weed brooms (which means you can at least stand up while doing the job), which is definitely better than using a scraper. However, it’s pretty tricky to loosen weeds, which means it’ll cost you a lot of energy to remove them. But by using this tip, all that will be a thing of the past. After applying this trick, your weeding will be a matter of minutes!

Check out on the next page what you’ll need and watch the video!

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