These are the symptoms of thyroid disease! Millions of women ignore this!


thyroid disease

A thyroid gland that is too fast or too slow can cause a lot of symptoms:

1. Feeling sad or depressed: if your thyroid gland is not working properly, it can have a huge influence on your mood. For example, you can feel extremely tired with a thyroid gland, experience insomnia, feel depressed and do not feel like anything.

2. Constipation: since your thyroid gland influences metabolic processes, you can suffer from constipation, inexplicable weight loss or increase, diarrhea, a feeling of heaviness on the stomach and continuous hunger in the case of a disordered thyroid gland.

3. Heart problems: the thyroid gland is of great influence on your heart rhythm and heart rate. Do you have heart problems and does nothing help? Then the cause might lie with your thyroid gland.

4. A disordered fluid balance: a very important symptom of a disordered thyroid gland is fluid accumulation (also called edema). This can be manifested by a swollen gland, a puffy face or bulging eyes.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more symptoms? Request a thyroid test from your doctor!


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