These 10 daily habits are bad for your kidneys


6. Processed food

We mentioned earlier that eating too much salt can have a harmful impact on your kidneys. Do you eat a lot of prepackaged food? Then you are subjecting yourself to not only large amounts of salt, but also potassium and phosphorus. This can eventually negatively affect your kidneys. Choose to cook your meals yourself so that you know exactly what you are eating.

7. Sporty spice

Your sports routine can also determine how well your kidneys function. Regular exercise lowers your blood pressure, improves your sleep, and strengthens your muscles. But don’t rush  to buy a gym membership. Research shows that 20 minutes of exercise a day is good for your kidneys.

8. Bedtime

Are you a night person? There is a good chance you’re like many adults and don’t close your eyes until after midnight and wake up before dawn. Researchers found that people who slept 6.5 hours a night or less were 19 percent more likely to experience kidney failure. This is because your kidneys do not get enough time to rest during those short nights of sleep. If you often stay up late, your kidneys will continue to work hard and this may eventually impact their functioning.

9. Beverages

Two or more glasses of soft drinks a day already have a bad influence given the large amount of sugar. Do you drink a lot of energy drinks or coffee, too? Sorry, then we have bad news: these caffeinated drinks are extremely hard on your kidneys. Try drinking as much water as possible to balance your caffeine consumption.

10. Stress

Stress generally does little good for your body—we all know that. Stress causes high blood pressure, which eventually leaves scars on your kidneys. We all feel stressful at times, but experiencing stress for a long period of time can be more harmful than you think!

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Source: Healthy Gem | Image: Unsplash

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