Get rid of flabby arms with these quick and easy exercises


This exercise will only cost three minutes of your day

Both men and women feel insecure about their bodies from time to time. Women in particular often feel insecure about a particular body part, whether it’s their belly, hips or bum. Loads of women feel insecure about the fold of loose skin beneath their upper arms. Luckily there are some easy exercises you can do to tone your arms. 

It’s only three minutes of your day, so it can’t hurt. 

Flabby arms

People who struggle with flabby arms, so-called batwings, often feel extra insecure in the summer months. When it’s cold we can easily hide our arms beneath long sleeves, but when it’s summer it’s more difficult to hide the flab. Many women, but also men, are insecure about their arms and rather hide them beneath clothing. Luckily, there are a few easy exercises you can do to get rid of your batwings. Go on to the next page to learn more about these exercises.

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