37 Brilliant Cooking Hacks That Will Take Your Meals To The Next Level


Cooking is an enjoyable and important aspect of leading an adult life. Yes, it can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, but taking the time to properly learn is always advised.

Even if you know how to cook and you have been for many years, it starts to feel routine. You make the same food, using the same methods and recipes, and it doesn’t occur to you to try anything new.

These 40 cooking hacks — from unique spins on old favorites to new dishes — can help both novice and experienced chefs alike add a little fun into their cooking. The best part? All of them are incredibly simple…

  1. Make your own alcoholic candy or frozen boozy treats! (For grown-ups only, of course.) Combine a little bit of sugar syrup with the alcohol of your choice, top that off with the herbs of your choosing to give it that special something and what do you have? A little kid treat that you have to be 21 years or older to fully enjoy.

  1. Mashed potato perfection is only a couple of steps away thanks to this hack. To make mashed potatoes fit for a queen (who really likes potatoes) follow these easy steps and you’ll have something truly special. Using garlic, sour cream, and black pepper makes these taters really sing!

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