Eating 3 dates a day does these amazing things to your body!



One of the things dates contains a lot of is vitamin A. This vitamin helps protect your eyes and also aids in regenerating your cornea. The fruit also contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect your eyes as well and generate a protection filter to ward off harmful UV rays.


Dates are the perfect snack to eat in between the bigger meals, just like nuts are. They contain sugar to give you an energy boost. Combine the snack with nuts and this boost will last even longer because of the fats nuts contain. In the meantime, the vitamins stimulate your brain activity.


Eating a date or two will stimulate your digestion. Constipation, indigestion and other such issues will be alleviated or prevented by dates because of the purifying effect they have. That’s because of the amino acids and fibres they contain. The fruit helps your body process the food you consume and also optimise your digestion.


Dates contain magnesium and that helps to relieve any swelling and pain you might have. It simultaneously also has an antibacterial effect, which helps to prevent and reduce infections.

In other words, dates are really great for your health and it’d be good for you to eat a couple of them every day!

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Alex Proimos

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