Eating 3 dates a day does these amazing things to your body!



Get into the habit of eating a couple of dates a day and you’ll notice the results

The date has the reputation of being a sweet, which is actually unfair. These fruits are so much healthier than sweets! There is a myriad of great reasons to eat them on a regular basis. So, feeling like something sweet to eat during the evening? Don’t grab that bag of sweets, but have a date. Why? Let us tell you…

You’ll definitely eat a couple of dates a day after you read this!

Blood vessels

Dates are good for your vessels because they help prevent lime in them. Too much lime in your blood vessels can lead to clogged arteries, which in turn means you run a higher risk of getting a stroke, heart attack and other diseases. Eating a mere three dates makes a huge difference already!


Research has been done into the effects eating dates can have on your liver, and it turns out that it’ll strengthen the organ.


This fruit is also very good for your heart. It contains a large amount of potassium, which makes the date very effective when it comes to preventing heart diseases. Your LDL cholesterol will be lowered by dates, and the risk of strokes and heart attacks is also lower.

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