Is your hair turning grey? Try doing this with potato peels


How to get rid of grey hair with potato peels

This trick sounds strange, but it actually works! It is very easy to do and all you need is a couple of potatoes. So, if you were planning on preparing potatoes for dinner anyway, you might as well keep the peels to try and get rid of your grey hair. Simply follow these steps:

  • Take about a cup of potato skins and wash them well before putting them in a saucepan. You don’t have to be exact, a handful will work too.
  • Add about two cups of water to the potato peels and put a lid on the pot.
  • Bring the potato peels to a boil en let them simmer for about five minutes.
  • Hold a strainer above a bowl and pour the potato peels in the strainer. Go ahead and throw away the peels. Let the water cool.
  • Use a soft brush to put the potato water on your grey hair and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition like you normally would and you’ll see the grey hair will have darkened.
  • If your grey hair is more severe, try using the potato peel water after you shampoo and condition. Repeat as often as you’d like to see a permanent effect.

Watch the video below to see this trick in action:

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