Is your hair turning grey? Try doing this with potato peels


potato peels

Get rid of your grey hair by using some potato peels

Whether you’re thirty or sixty, our hair will turn grey at some point in your life. Some people will notice some grey hairs popping up in their twenties or thirties, while others don’t go grey until they’re well in their fifties. Once you’ve spotted a grey hair, there’s no going back. You can pull this particular hair out, but it will grow back and will likely bring some friends. There are two things you can do: accept the fact that you’re turning grey and rock your grey hair or you can dye your hair. But what if we know of a third option?

This potato peel trick can help you get rid of grey hairs.

Hair dye

Once your hair turns grey, there’s no going back. Many people choose to dye their hair back to their original colour. You can either go to an expensive salon or try and do it at home. Whatever you do, dying your hair is expensive and it takes a lot of time. Especially since you need to touch up your roots quite often once you go grey. Luckily there’s a trick that can help you combat grey hair. Whether it’s to conceal your first grey hairs or to touch up your roots, you will only need a bag of potatoes. Potato peels contain catecholase, an enzyme that is also used in cosmetic products to even out skin tone. This same enzyme works for your hair as well, as it will add a little colour to your hair. Potato peels aren’t bad for your hair at all, so this trick is much less damaging than chemical hair dye. Worth a try, right? Go on to the next page to read the instructions for this trick.

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