Here Are 20 Little-Known Ways That WD-40 Can Change A Person’s Life


If you have ever had to deal with a squeaky set of door hinges, then chances are you’ve used WD-40 before. However, if that’s all you are using this amazing stuff for, then you are seriously missing out!

While most people tend to think of WD-40 as an industrial product best used by handymen and machinists, the truth is that’s only part of how it can be used. WD-40 actually has dozens of other uses that are sure to surprise you. If you have a can lying around the house, here are 20 amazing hacks to get you started. Once you find out how much it can do, you’ll never go without it again!


  1. Polishing silver

If you have a collection of silver that always seems to be tarnishing over time, WD-40 can definitely help you out with that. Spray down your silver and wipe it clean. It’s just that easy to keep it looking sparkly and new!

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