The secret of white pillows has finally come out! And it seems so simple!


white pillows

Washing has never been that simple!

You finally have beautiful white pillows on your bed or couch, and then they turn yellow! This makes that your pillows look dirty. We have the solution for bright white pillows!

That way you get shiny white pillows again.


There is nothing better after a long day than resting your head on a fresh, clean and white pillow. Unfortunately, white pillowcases quickly turn yellow. How is this possible? The cause of yellow pillows is very simple. During our sleep we lose a huge amount of moisture, about half a liter. A large part of this moisture ends up on the bedding, making it yellow very quickly. You can compare it to a white shirt in which you have sweated a lot; the area around the armpit often turns yellow.


Of course the pores of our face are also full of dirt, which also ends up on the pillows. Result: dirty, smudgy and yellow pillows. This often cannot be cleaned in the laundry, because the pillow is too discolored. But no more despair; you can make this detergent super fast. Nice extra: you probably have the ingredients already in your kitchen cupboard!

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