Freezing dish soap in a resealable plastic bag? Here’s why you should do it!


dish soap

Freezing a plastic bag with dish soap leads to this amazing result!

We primarily use dish soap to (you guessed it) wash our dishes or to clean other things with. But it has even more amazing purposes besides those. For example, it’s very easy to DIY your own ice pack using this soap. Ice packs are always good to have at hand. They’re great to offer relief for swelling and aches if you’ve had a fall or another type of accident. Besides that, though, they can also keep your drinks nice and cool when you go out to have a picknick!

Ice packs can be quite expensive and they’re not always in stock when you need them. That’s why some people have come up with some amazing alternatives. We’ve discovered a very easy way to create your own ice pack. The only things you need are a few common items you probably already have around your house anyway. And the best part? It hardly costs any money!

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