Wall Behind Grandma’s Dresser Holds The Key To Solving 2-Year-Old Missing Person’s Case


It’s horrible to think about, but children go missing all the time. Police investigators do their best to locate them, but not every missing child case gets solved. All anyone in that situation wants is some kind of closure, even if it takes years to get it.

When a young boy from Illinois went missing in 2004, his father, who had been fighting for custody, was completely distraught. For two years, no one found a single clue as to his whereabouts, until police finally searched one very obvious location…

In 2007, a young boy named Ricky Chekevdia went missing. Police, naturally, did everything they could to locate him, but for two years they made no progress. That was until they decided to investigate a close family member.

Ricky’s parents, Michael Chekevdia and Shannon Wilfong, had a tumultuous relationship even before their son was born in 2002. They were on again and off again for years, but one thing was always permanent: their arguing.

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