The Most Abominable Pics Ever Captured In A Public Bathroom


If, at any given moment, we had the choice between a public bathroom and the one at home, you can bet that we’d all opt for the latter. Public restrooms are notoriously filthy, and most of us have had plenty of gross experiences with them. But for every toilet bowl surprise you’ve come across, there are those that have seen far worse while answering nature’s call.

Though you probably shudder to imagine what kind of abominable things people have come across in public bathrooms, you don’t have to; you’ll find photos of them right here. So brace yourself, because after seeing these weird and gross restroom pics, you’ll never take your home bathroom for granted again.


  1. Runs (on Dunkin’): No wonder this guy had to make a b-line for the toilet — he’s trying to tackle a half-dozen chocolate glazed all by himself! The only place those donuts will be dunkin’ is in the toilet.

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