Couple That Has Lived In A Sewer For 22 Years Shows What It Looks Like On The Inside


True love can turn any place into paradise on earth

The lives of this Colombian couple changed completely when they moved into a sewer. They had been struggling with addiction for decades, but used their unusual living circumstances as a means to finally change their life around. They have now turned their gutter home into their own little private paradise.

This story shows that you can never judge someone by factors like their appearance or the way they live. This Colombian couple is extremely happy, despite living in what most wouldn’t consider suitable living quarters. Today we’ll show you what the sewer home of the Colombian couple Maria and Miguel looks like. Spoiler alert: It’s not what you would expect.

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There are two types of people in this world: those who care about materialistic luxuries and those who don’t. By looking at Maria and Miguel’s sewer home, you’ll realize that they are part of the group who don’t. They live in a sewer without any of the luxuries of modern society, but they’re still very happy with their lives.

They are usually very private about their home, but have now agreed to give us a look inside.

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