Having trouble folding a fitted sheet? With this trick it’s super easy!

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Be honest, have you ever managed to neatly fold a fitted sheet? If you have, we’re in awe of you! Or maybe you already know about this trick. We’re always having trouble with it because of those pleated corners with the elastic. They make it nearly impossible to fold the sheet in a neat way. We usually give up trying after a few attempts and frustratedly throw the bulky mess of a sheet into the closet. And then, every time we open the closet, we’re greeted by that messy view…

Luckily, we’ve got an easy solution for all of your sheet folding frustrations. This trick will make folding your fitted sheet just as easy as folding your other bed linen. The video below explains what you need to do to fold your fitted sheet into a neat square package in less than a minute!